Doors Open Milwaukee

doorsDoors Open is a project in dozens of cities worldwide that celebrates architecture and design and gives residents a chance to explore their city and feel like tourists in their own town.  Milwaukee was one of the first cities to join the project and certainly has stunning architecture to show off.

ACM has partnered with Doors Open Milwaukee every year since 2015 to commission composers to write music inspired by several of the featured spaces and, on the day of the event, to have musicians in each building performing the music every 15 minutes as hundreds of people wander through.

We prominently display the composer’s artistic statement so that everyone knows that the music was custom composed to fit the space.



Featured Buildings and Composers

[sg_popup id=59]City Hall[/sg_popup]  music by David Carter

[sg_popup id=35]Central Library[/sg_popup] music by Adam Cole

[sg_popup id=60]Federal Courthouse[/sg_popup] music by Adam Cole

[sg_popup id=37]Ambassador Hotel[/sg_popup]  music by Hannah Greene

[sg_popup id=36]ASQ Center[/sg_popup]
music by Linda Ostrander

[sg_popup id=61]Historic Pabst Brewery[/sg_popup]
music by Enric Riu

[sg_popup id=62]U.S. Bank Building[/sg_popup] music by Sylvia Simons

[sg_popup id=38]BURNHAM BLOCK[/sg_popup]  music by Elizabeth Start

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