David Smooke is Our Next ‘Composer Alive’

We’re very excited to announce that our next Composer Alive commission goes to one of the most creative composers in the universe, David Smooke!  Composer Alive is one of ACM’s longest-running programs in which a composer writes a new piece for us in installments and emails each installment as he composes it.

Our musicians then meet to rehearse and record the music in front of a live audience and we post the video to our website for the composer and our online audience.  This gives the composer the chance to experiment and try new things as he can always change it in the next installment but it also gives the audience the chance to get inside the creative process and hear a new piece from first draft, through rewrites, to the finished product.

David will write a new piece for us in three installments and the finished piece will be premiered on May 19th 2018 at a concert which he will attend.  Find out more!