Composer Benefits

Why Become an ACM Composer Member?

ACM’s membership program is constantly working to get your music played through our commissioning programs, reading sessions and collaborations with ensembles throughout the world. Because our focus is to bring contemporary music to new audiences, joining ACM means your music will be heard by people not found at other composer member programs.

We promote your music at our concerts, in our schools and through social media campaigns and we give you the chance to hear your music and to collaborate with dynamic artists in other disciplines.


Member Benefits

  • Submit your music for concerts around the world. We partner with ensembles in other cities to promote the music of our composers. In 2016 we’re working with ensembles in Barcelona, Seoul, Dublin and New York City for concerts of music by ACM composers.
  • Get commissioned. Commissions for 2016 include film scoring for our Sound of Silent Film Festival and music inspired by landmark architecture in Chicago, Milwaukee and Barcelona, among others. The projects are fun, innovative, collaborative and attention-getting
  • Bring your music to new audiences. ACM is all about reaching people unfamiliar with contemporary music and so your profile page will likely be visited by the hundreds of students from our schools, the thousands of people who come out to our live events each year and those who stumble across us because of our high google ranking and active social media presence. We’re dedicated to getting audio on your profile page and getting it listened to by new people.
  • A new approach to the standard composer membership program. Because those visiting our site are unfamiliar with new music, our bios take the form of a short interview designed to highlight why you were drawn to music, what kinds of sounds and projects interest you and your interests outside of music. This format has resulted in exponentially more people listening to your music.
  • We are the world’s only global composer membership program with members in South Africa, Germany, Italy, Romania, Korea, Scotland, Greece and many more. By joining ACM’s Composer Membership program you are also joining a growing international community of composers and performers dedicated to presenting classical music as a living art.