Composer Alive

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.50.31 AMComposer Alive grew out of our Weekly Readings program which was ACM’s first program way back in 2004 when we were just getting started.  We read and recorded pieces by living composers every week and posted them to our site.

We then had the idea to work with just one composer and read and record her piece as she writes it.  The idea is that she gets to work with the ensemble and try out all kinds of new ideas knowing she can always changes them in the next installment, but also to give the audience an inroad into the creative process and hear a piece of music from first draft, through rewrites to the finished product.

Each composer also writes comments about her creative process so the audience can truly get into her mind while she writes a new piece of music.  When the piece is finished, we bring the composer to Chicago for the World Premiere performance.

Our 2017-2018 Composer Alive project will be a collaboration with David Smooke.  Find out more here!

Click on a link to read more about the different projects and hear each installment of the piece up to the finished version.

David Smooke (United States)
Agnieszka Stulginska (Poland)
Alexandre Lunsqui (Brazil)
Ben Vida (United States)
Gabriela Ortiz (Mexico)
Omar Daniel (Canada)
Stephane Delplace (France)
Jane O’Leary (Ireland)
Xiaogang Ye (China)


Watch Composer Alive in action with this video gallery!