Composer Alive: Ireland

postcard [Converted]This concert features the World Premiere of Sunshowers, a new piece by Jane O’Leary commissioned by ACM.

Sunshowers was composed over the summer of 2007 and emailed to ACM in installments as part of our Composer Alive: Ireland project.

Jane O’Leary is travelling to Chicago and will be present at the concert. The concert will also feature the music of other contemporary Irish composers.

Sunday, October 21 2007 3:00 PM
Chicago Cultural Center, Preston Bradley Hall
78 E. Washington St., 3rd floor

silenzio della terra by Jane O’Leary
Arachnid by Gráinne Mulvey
Moonsick by Linda Buckley
Sunshowers by Jane O’Leary (World Premiere)
Hülya Alpakin – piano
Alyson Berger – cello
Seth Boustead – conductor
Laure Koepele-Tenges – flute
Blagomira Lipari – violin
KT Somero – clarinet