Composer Alive Installment Three March 31

ACM’s 2019 Composer Alive collaboration with Will Rowe continues with the live performance and recording of installment three in his new piece Commercial Etudes.

Will says of the piece “The Commercial Études are a glimpse into the world of earworms and music that exists for reasons other than art. There was a VHS tape in my family containing assorted TV commercials from the 1950s, which we watched at almost every visit to my grandparents’ house growing up. Since jingles aren’t commonly used as advertising tools in today’s world, it’s taken until now to realize how intriguing and unique it is to forge such a  relationship between tiny bits of music and the sale of a product or brand.”

Installment Three of Composer Alive will happen as part of the Concept Lab series in New York City.

Concept Lab featuring Composer Alive
Sunday, March 31 5:30 PM
Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3
196 Allen Street

Watch video of the previous installments from Le Poisson Rouge here!