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Preview Some of the Films!

Friday, June 7 8:00 pm
Saturday, June 8 8:00 pm

ACM's popular Sound of Silent Film Festival features newly composed musical scores performed live to modern silent films.  Long a sold-out event in Chicago, we're bringing it to the Anthology in New York City for two shows featuring the very best movies we've shown over the past eight years.

The films include Martin Scorsese's anti-Vietnam war classic The Big Shave, Gus Van Sant's First Kiss, Michael Dudok de Witt's Oscar winning animated film Father and Daughter, Alexander Payne's Carmen, a hilarious spoof of the famous opera, and many more.

All of the scores are by living composers, many of whom will be present for the event.  Two nights only!

Friday, June 7 and Saturday June 8 - 8:00 PM
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Ave. New York, NY
$30 at the door, $20 online, $10 students and seniors

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773.334.4080 for more information


Father and Daughter by Michael Dudok De Witt
Music by Amos Gillespie

G.M. by Martin Pickles
Music by Randall West

The Big Shave by Martin Scorsese
Music by Brian O'Hern

Carmen by Alexander Payne
Music by Georges Bizet, arranged by Seth Boustead

Copy Shop by Virgil Widrich
Music by Eric Malmquist

Native New Yorker by Steve Bilich
Music by William Susman

Heart of the World by Guy Maddin
Music by Seth Boustead

Cheating, Inc by William Lorton
Music by Eric Reda

The Cabinet of Jan Svankmeier by the Brothers Quay
Music by Douglas Johnson

The Mermaid by Tezuka Osama
Music by Amy Wurtz

First Kiss by Gus Van Sant
Music by Matthew Pakulski

The Magician's Apprentice by Steve Stein
Music by Patricia Morehead



Francesco Milioto - conductor

Hulya Alpakin - piano
Alyson Berger - cello
Nathan Bojko - percussion
Elizabeth Brausa - violin
Christie Miller - clarinets
Lesley Swanson